Sunny Day was established by Mr. Giovanni Isoni. The company started as a small family business, with the mission of promoting the culture of disposable hygiene products.


Sunny Day acquires the exclusive rights for Italy of the products belonging to one of the three Scandinavian brands, leader at the time in the production of tissue products. Paper Division starts developing a full range of disposable paper products for hygienic and sanitary use conceived in order to satisfy the various requirements of the institutional market.


The year of Medical Division. Sunny Day starts importing and selling a complete range of disposable products for incontinence whilst its scientific team undertakes a challenging job of information and education of the nursing staff about the new disposable devices’ use. .


Sunny Day becomes a paper converting company. Investments in production lines for the Sunny Fort range start and, step by step, the full paper products’ range: hand-towels in rolls, folded towels, industrial wipers, examination couch rolls and toilet papers, in pure cellulose, deinked paper and air-laid paper, is produced at our factory.


Sunny Day becomes a limited liability company (S.r.l.) and moves to its current site of Montello.


Our “Research and Development Department” creates a new line of disposable products for the hygiene of incontinent, not self-sufficient or bedridden patients. The company undertakes again major investments in new production lines for hygienic wipes, mittens and sponges.


A new brand starts its life: .