Started in 1983 with the mission of supplying patients and nurses with the more practical and innovative solutions for cleaning, washing and wiping, Sunny Day Medical Division has developed a range of disposable products for the patients’ detersion and protection able to satisfy the various requests of the institutional market.
Practical and of a really high quality level, the disposables of this range grant a perfect hygiene, comfort and protection to patients besides a remarkable reduction of laundry costs.

For washing and wiping patients Sunny Day offers the following devices:

  • Air laid paper hygienic towels
  • Non woven hygienic towels
  • Non woven washing mittens
  • Pre-soaped non woven washing mittens
  • Foam sponges
  • Pre-soaped foam sponges

For the patients’ protection are available:

  • Bibs with adjustable pocket
  • Protection sheets
  • Drawsheets
  • Examination couch rolls


There is a full line of towels purposely studied for the various applications in detersion and wiping of incontinent, not self-sufficient or bedridden patients.


Disposable washing mittens in non woven Molton are one of the most used devices for washing and wiping in a delicate, complete and secure way incontinent, not self-sufficient or bedridden patients.


Disposable washing sponges are the latest device added by Sunny Day to its range of products for detersion of incontinent, not self-sufficient or bedridden patients.


Disposable bibs are made of waterproof laminated cellulose and have been created in order to protect not self-sufficient or bedridden patients during meals.


Disposable protection sheets are made of waterproof laminated cellulose and are available in the size of 38 x 40 cm.. They are the ideal solution in all situations where a limited protection is needed.


Disposable draw sheets have a structure made of 1 layer of absorbing pure cellulose coupled with 1 layer of soft and resistant polyethylene which makes them perfectly waterproof.
Available in the size of 80x170 cm., they are mainly used for bed linen protection.


Conceived for protecting the examination couch, these rolls are nowadays used in many different fields such as massagetherapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, beauty centers, spas, gyms and fitness centers.
The examination couch rolls are manufactured only in pure cellulose 2 ply and the range consists of several references with different widths and lengths.