• Handtowels in rolls
  • Folded towels
  • Industrial wipers
  • Toilet papers
  • Exhamination couch rolls
  • Private Label

Are the core business of Sunny Day Paper Division.

Most products, according to customers’ specific requirements, are produced in pure cellulose, the only material able to give to final products the best characteristics in quality as far as softness, massive absorption capacity, extraordinary tensile strenght and water resistance are concerned.

In addition to the pure cellulose ones it is available also a number of final products in recycled or partly recycled paper in order to satisfy the demands of more environmental issues sensitive customers.


Conceived in order to satisfy the various wiping hands requests, our range of handtowels in rolls is really wide. Rolls with interior or exterior unwinding in different lengths, diameters and widths, with or without perforation are available and can be used with most dispensers existing in the market.


“C” folded towels are still one of end users’ favorite choices within the range of folded sheets for wiping purposes. They offer the widest absorbing surface for wiping hands while all other sheets with different foldings are smaller and, having a lower absorption capacity, cause an increase in the number of sheets required to carry out a complete hands drying.


All industrial wipers produced by Sunny Day are in pure cellulose 2 ply or in air laid paper 1 ply: Sunny DRY (Ref. 103490) and are available in various widths and lengths.
They are usually packaged in pairs inside white cardboard boxes but can also be single packaged with heat-sealed plastic such as for the “Cash & Carry” Line.


Toilet papers are manufactured only in pure cellulose 2 ply and the range includes two different kinds of products:

  • Toilet papers in Jumbo rolls
  • Toilet papers in rolls


Conceived for protecting the examination couch, these rolls are nowadays used in many different fields such as massagetherapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic, beauty centers, spas, gyms and fitness centers.
All examination couch rolls are produced in pure cellulose 2 ply and the range consists of many references with different widths and lengths.


Besides its own Sunny Fort brand, Sunny Day has developed the Private Label sector manufacturing “out of range” products with private brands.
The estreme flexibility of our production enables us to fulfill our customers requirements manufacturing customized products with personalized technical features.